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This year marks the 19th year of Awana Clubs at Trinity Fellowship. Awana is a great program of Bible learning and fun for kids from ages 3 to 8th grade.

Awana Kick-off Event

double splash mega slideThe first Awana event of the year will be held at the Bay Meadows Apartments (17201 Blackhawk, 77546) on Saturday, September 10th from 10am – 1pm. Join us at the pool for a great time on the “Double Splash Mega Slide.” Also, enjoy a free lunch and learn about the Awana Kids’ Ministry at Trinity Fellowship

About Awana

awana becaue kids matter squareAwana is a Bible memorization club for children. Each club night the children spend time saying the verses they memorized through the week, having fun during game time, hearing a missions or Scripture story at council time, and being recognized for their hard work and effort. Awana is a fun way to hide the Word of God in our children’s hearts and is for ages 3 through 8th grade.

There are extra fun, wacky, imaginative special event nights throughout the year. These will include: Ice Cream Night, Makin’ Bacon, International Chameleon Night, Christmas Celebration, Guess Who Treasure Hunt, Spudtastic Night, Searchlight Obstacle Course, Awana Grand Prix, Wet Wetter Wettest, and the BUNQ (Bible Ultimate Nowledge Quiz)

Awana Starts September 11, 2016 and meets every Sunday from 4:30 to 6:30 pm. We meet at Trinity Fellowship, 301 Leisure Lane, Friendswood, TX 77546, Phone: 281-482-0577

If you’d like to fill out a registration form in advance, click the link below:

Awana Registration

2 thoughts on “Awana Clubs at Trinity Fellowship

  1. How much is it to sign a Kindergardener up for awanas? It’ll be her first time.
    Also, does the child need to be there every week or would every other week suffice?

    • Sorry for the delayed response, we don’t always get a notice of these comments so are unaware of them. If this would be there first year in Awana we do not have a charge. The succeeding years would have a one time fee at the beginning of the year in September. The things that would need to be purchased after a few weeks of the club are the book and the vest. The book is around $6 They don’t have to attend every week if they are unable to, but it is encouraged for them to attend each week if they can. If you need to speak with me further my email is Pat Olive is our AWANA secretary and he has all of the exact prices on items.

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