Harvey Update #12

Bob’s Harvey Update #12
August 29, 2017, 2030

Executive update: Harvey is leaving his mess for us to clean up

Praise God that this storm is finally moving away. Please continue to pray for those to our east and north who are still getting pounded by what we’ve been under for three days. I’ve tried to spend the day looking ahead to what we can do, and how we can help those who come to help us. In the process I’ve created three web pages with forms:

(1) Harvey Relief Donations. There are going to be many ways to donate to Harvey relief. One of the best will be the Evangelical Free Church (EFCA) Crisis Response organization. On the other hand, there are also going to be unique needs that Trinity can meet if we have the financial resources. So our plan is to allow direct donations (tax deductible) to Trinity, steward them carefully, and pass any funds that we don’t have a good use for to the EFCA.

To that end, we have set up a quick donation form that links to Paypal but allows the use of your own credit card.(If you prefer to send a check, make it out to “Trinity Fellowship” mark it “Harvey Relief” and send it to Trinity Fellowship, 301 Leisure Lane, Frie`ndswood, TX, 77546)

(2) Harvey Relief: I Need Help. Many thousands of people have been impacted by Hurricane Harvey in our area, including many of our own families. Our denomination’s Crisis Response team, with many others, will be here soon to help us take the first steps toward recovery. We would like to compile a list of needs, from food, clothing, and shelter to removal of carpet and destroyed possessions, cutting down of sheet rock and mold remediation behind your walls. Eventually we will be able to help with rebuilding as well.

I strongly urge you, Trinity family and friends, to take the few minutes to summarize the condition of your house, car, belongings. We will have resources to help, but we can’t help if we don’t know. Then encourage your friends and neighbors to sign up as well. We will not be able to solve every problem, but we will have long term resources through the denomination.

(3) Harvey Relief: I Can Help. We would like to compile a list of people who can help with needs, from supplying meals, clothing or shelter to removal of carpet and destroyed possessions, cutting down of sheet rock and mold remediation. One particular need we anticipate is the housing and feeding of teams that come down to help with relief, and possibly of team leaders long term. Again, I really encourage you to think about what you can do, in terms of time and gifting, and share that with us. And if you have ideas of how we as a church might be uniquely positioned to help, share that as well.

4 thoughts on “Harvey Update #12

  1. We live in Brownwood (above Austin) and have been stuck in Galveston for days . Don’t thik we can get up that way ,’but wanting to help. Praying for this area ! May the Lord use it to bring people to Himself and to grow the church into His Son’s likeness . What is a number we could call to stay updated ?

    • Thanks for praying for our area. It would probably be best to send an email for updates at ivafoster@sbcglobal.net or checking on our website we are in and out of the church a lot these days helping people with the clean up of their homes. Pastor Bob is putting up regular updates on our church website at trinityfellowship.net

      If you want to try the church office to see if you can catch someone while they might be in you can call 281-482-0577

  2. Hello! I am a friend of Tina Degray’s and my husband and I will be in town tomorrow around 1 to help. He plans to help a family member whose home was flooded on Tuesday, but I plan to work with you guys until around 4pm that day. We can help with both removal of carpet and destroyed possessions and/or cutting down of sheet rock and mold remediation.

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