Harvey Response Donor Update

It’s been a while since we at Trinity Fellowship updated you on our response to Hurricane Harvey, and our partnership with ReachGlobal Crisis Response. Your generosity is making a huge difference, but there is much more to do. I want to show you some of the work that you’re enabling, and ask you to help again in a way that might surprise you.

Respond to the need at Trinity’s Harvey Response Page (click on “I Can Help”) or EFCA’s Harvey Response Page (click on “Serve”)

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One thought on “Harvey Response Donor Update

  1. The folks at Trinity have been a blessing to us. Pastor Bob sent a group from Grace Church in north Houston to help us pack our things that did not get wet and then tear out the walls and insulation. My husband is 88 and disabled and I am 85. Before we moved back in 3 weeks ago some wonderful folks from Trinity came and worked for 2 days helping to get our things moved back in. We are so thankful to these who helped and to Pastor Bob and to God for motivating those to help.
    Myrtle and Doug Zeek

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