Volunteers Needed for Children’s Ministry and Coffee Ministry

Volunteers Needed for Children’s Ministry

Planned age groups for both Sunday School and Junior Church:

Nursery: Birth – 3 years old/not potty trained

Preschool: 4–6 years old

School Age: 7-11 years old

Estimated volunteer needs for the year (a person may volunteer in more than one position):

About 110 positions available for volunteering with varying time commitments

Greeter: 20+ people

Junior Church Teachers: ~36 people

Junior Church Aides: ~36 people

Sunday School Teachers: ~9 people

Sunday School Aides: ~9 people

To volunteer talk to Bitsy Unruh, Jennifer Nill, Iva Foster, or email ce-committee@trinityfellowship.net

Coffee Ministry Volunteers Needed – available dates/positions:

1st Sundays – Set up & Clean Up

3rd Sundays – Set up

5th Sundays & Alternate/Fill In – Set Up & Clean Up

If you would like to be part of the team but are only available on a reoccurring Sunday other than the above listed, we could shift things around with the volunteers that serve on the other days. You don’t have to drink coffee to be part of the team. If you’ve never used or cleaned the percolators, it’s an easy thing to learn, and someone in the coffee ministry will show you how to set up and clean up! For more information, call or text Johanna McWilliams at 832-863-4987 or email j_mcwilliams@yahoo.com



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