Fall 2019 in Luke: The Journey to Jerusalem

The Gospel of Luke

We began to study the Gospel of Luke during Christmas 2018 and we are continuing into 2019. It’s been 25 years since we walked through this wonderful Gospel, so it’s time.

Part 1: The Beginning of the Gospel (Christmas, 2018)
Part 2: The Ministry of the Messiah (January to June 2019)
Part 3: The Journey to Jerusalem (August to November, 2019)
Part 4: The Climax of the Cross (January to Easter, 2020)

Here’s the calendar for the next seven weeks of Part 3: The Journey to Jerusalem
This section begins on November 10, 2019, breaks for Christmas, and continues through January

We have a devotional Bible Study Booklet to accompany the messages: Luke Study – 2019 Late Fall Booklet

Date: November 10, 2019
Title: The Litmus Test
Text: Luke 16:1-15
Worship Theme: The Richness of God
Key Sentence:
Your attitude toward money is a litmus test of your attitude toward God.
I. Use wealth so others will see God’s goodness and graciousness. (Luke 16:1-12)
II. Love God, not wealth (Luke 16:13-15)

Date: November 17, 2019
Title: What Will it Take to Persuade You?
Text: Luke 16:16-31
Worship Theme: Resurrected Lord
Key Sentence: God has done everything He can to persuade you to turn to Him. Outline
I. (Parentheses: Related thoughts) (Luke 16:16-18)
II. A Clear Choice: Heaven or Hell (Luke 16:19-26)
III. Clear Evidence: The Bible and the Resurrection (Luke 16:27-31)

Date: November 24, 2019
Title: Now and Not Yet
Text: Luke 17:1-37
Worship: Thankful (Thanksgiving)
Key Sentence: Discipleship pervades daily life and future expectation
I. Daily Discipleship (Luke 17:1-19)
II. Future Expectation (Luke 17:20-37)

Date: January 5, 2020
Title: The Heart of Faith
Text: Luke 18:1-17
Worship: Faith in the Faithful One
Key Sentence: Let adjectives shape your faith
I. Persistent Faith (Luke 18:1-8)
II. Humble Faith (Luke 18:9-14)
III. Childlike Faith (Luke 18:15-17)

Date: January 12, 2020
Title: Eternal Life
Text: Luke 18:18-30
Worship: With Him Forever
Key Sentence: Eternal life is not earned by our merit, but achieved by God for us.
I. The barrier to eternal life (Luke 18:18-25)
II. The giver of eternal life (Luke 18:26-27)
III. The blessing of eternal life (Luke 18:28-30)

Date: January 19, 2020
Title: What Kind of Messiah Do You Want?
Text: Luke 18:31 – 19:10
Worship Theme: Jesus Came to Save Us
Key Sentence: Jesus is God’s Kind of Messiah!
I. The Messiah Who Suffers for Us (Luke 18:31-34)
II. The Messiah Who Cares for Us (Luke 18:35-43)
III. The Messiah Who Seeks and Saves Us (Luke 19:1-10)

Date: January 26, 2020
Title: The Church Age
Text: Luke 19:11-27
Worship Theme: Christ the Lord of the Church
Key Sentence: Until the King comes, good stewards wisely invest his resources
I. The King is Coming (11-15 and 27)
II. Invest Until He Comes (13 and 15-26)

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