Special Offering for Major Maintenance

The General Board and Elders would like to request your prayerful participation in a special offering on Sunday, June 23rd. The goal is to raise $15,000 toward a new air conditioner and resurfacing of the sanctuary roof to remove the horrible stains.

The 20 year old A/C unit close to the library is dead. Due to the heat we’re already experiencing, we need to address this quickly. We have estimates showing the cost of a complete new unit and related ductwork to be about $9000. We have $4200 in Major Maintenance Reserve, but this will not cover even half the cost. The remainder could be taken from cash reserves, but these are already being drawn down by our general giving shortfall.

The roof has stained badly since it was last cleaned, and we need a more thorough approach. Though we haven’t finalized a vendor, we have a preliminary bid of $4800 for a complete cleaning and recoating. Together these two items total a bit less than $15,000, but we are hoping to raise the full amount in order to replenish our Major Maintenance reserve, avoid tapping our cash reserve, and deal with contingencies as they come up.

Please prayerfully consider how generous the Lord is willing for you to be! We do ask that you not reduce or neglect your general fund giving in order to fund this project, as we need those regular gifts to continue regular ministry.

Thank for your help. We are confident in what the Lord is doing among us.

Bob DeGray, for the Elders and General Board

Galveston Urban Ministries (GUM)

Every year Trinity sends a team down to Galveston to work with Galveston Urban Ministries for a week of hard manual work and fun kids camps at the rec center. Scheduled dates are July 26, 27, and 28 (Friday thru Sunday). If you are planning on going please contact Traci Winkler. The deadline to sign-up and pay is May 13th. The trip is for ages 12 and up. If you would like to be adult supervision please talk to Traci Winkler.


Luke Devotional Study – Late Spring 2019

As we continue our study in Luke in 2019 we are also providing devotional study materials for each week. The May / June booklet is now available.

Here is a link to the PDF Version of the booklet: Luke Study – 2019 Late Spring Booklet

You can pick up a printed copy at the church. Also available is a small book that contains the English Standard Version text for the Gospel of Luke – and nothing else. We’re excited to make these available.

If you would like to make a donation of $5.00 or so to offset the printing costs (and purchase cost of the Luke book) that would be great.

Beach Fellowship Event – June 23rd

We will be going to the beach on Sunday, June 23rd. Plan to join us for this fun time together. Bring food for your family for lunch or for the whole day. We will be going to the Galveston State Park and meeting there by around 4:00 pm.

*Note: This will be our last year for a long while to be able to meet at Galveston State Park. They will be closing for renovations for 3 years beginning in July.



Volunteers Needed for Reach Global

Reach needs volunteers to help with the rebuilding. You are welcome to help any day or days that your schedule will allow, just let Kat know a day or two in advance so that they can make plans accordingly. They could specifically use volunteers on the week of April 14th as they have a very small team that week.


Ladies’ Bible Studies

Connections Bible Study This study is for all ladies’ and includes childcare. They meet on Thursday mornings at Trinity from 9:30 to 11:30 in room 106. They are following the sermon series on the book of Luke. If you need childcare or any other information on this study please contact Gail DeGray.

Ladies’ Thursday Morning Bible Study– Begins its summer series on Thursday, June 6, with a 6-week study on controlling the tongue.  The text is “Conversation Peace:  the Power of Transformed Speech” by Mary Kassian.  It asks the question, “What would it look like to change your heart and speech from the inside out?”  The group meets from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. at the church.  For more information, talk to Ruth Mohn.


Ladies’ Fabulous 4th Monday Fellowship – June

Ladies’ Fabulous 4th Monday Fellowship—for June we will be doing a service project and it will be on a Tuesday morning rather than the 4th Monday evening of the month.

We will be helping Kim Breaux with the following service project.

Mercy Tree on Tuesday, June 18th, feeding the homeless
of Clear Lake from 11:30-1:00, which includes setup, a short devotion,
lunch and quick cleanup.  I have to provide main dish, sides, dessert,
drinks, plates, cups, napkins, forks, drinks, and ice, for about 40
people, serving the meal, visiting with the people there.
If you would like to help with this project, please contact Iva Foster and I will let you know which needs remain. ivacfoster@sbcglobal.net
We will meet at 11:30, at Ecclesia church in League City, (218 Clear
Creek Ave.), behind the McDonald’s at 518 and Hwy. 3.

A short devotion is given before lunch is served.  After serving lunch,
we sit and eat with the clients.  Not all of the clients are homeless.
Some are just in bad living situations with family or friends and may be
having a very hard time making ends meet.  We will need about 5 people
to help serve the meal.  Anyone who would like to come and
socialize/interact with the clients is welcome.  After lunch, we do a
quick clean up and are finished by 1:00.

New Business Cards: Connect People to Trinity

We’ve just received a brand new batch of distinctive business cards:

You can pick up some of these cards at the back of the church. Take plenty and use them:

  1. Invite friends to church.
  2. Give them to people when you pray for them or talk about your faith.
  3. Post them in offices and businesses that have contact information bulletin boards.
  4. Leave a small pile in offices and businesses that have other piles of cards.

Please don’t leave them where they are not wanted. But you’ll be surprised how many places you can find to spread the word about what God is doing at Trinity.

Online Giving Now Available

We are excited to announce the addition of an online giving option to Trinity’s website. We used online giving via PayPal to collect donations after Harvey, and it worked well. The General Board and Elders debated offering online giving for general donations, because we don’t want to encourage debt. But we recognize that many people are accustomed to paying for things electronically, and find it easier. Many people also use their credit or debit cards to organize their finances without accumulating debt. So we’ve decided to offer the option of online giving.

Here is the link to the giving page: Online Giving.

Please read the details on the page before you click through to PayPal.

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