Snack n Study Sisters (S-cubed) – August 30th Sleepover

Girls Bible study group (ages 11-18) will have a sleepover movie night on August 30th at 902 Rosewood, Dickinson starting at 7:00 pm  Bring a pillow and sleeping bag. If you need a ride, contact Miriam or Melinda. Parents should pick you up at 10 am on Saturday morning. Bring your favorite movie.  This will be a fun evening with movie, popcorn, shaving cream fight and breakfast in the morning.


Baptism – September 15th

If you would like to be baptized contact Todd Cobbs or Bob DeGray to set up a time to meet with them.

Baptism will be on Sunday, September 15th at 6 pm at the Winklers.

Ladies Fabulous 4th Fellowship – August 26th

Ladies’ Fabulous 4th Monday Fellowship—August 26th

7:00 to 9:00 p.m. in the LIFE room, we will be having a Bunco game night. Bring $2 to go towards the prizes. Contact Titia Cobbs if you will be joining us, so she will know how many to expect. Bring a snack or beverage to share.


Baby Shower for Bitsy Unruh – August 31st

Baby Shower for Bitsy Unruh—Saturday, August 31st at 547 Green Cedar Drive League City, TX from 2:00-4:00 pm Bitsy is registered at Target and Amazon. If you would like to participate in the group gift contact Joanna Rask. To help with food contact  Katherine Bauer at


Potluck Lunch – August 25th

Mark your calendars for this time of fellowship and bring a dish to share. We will also be getting an update from the Slovakia team about their summer missions trip.


Ladies Bible Studies this Fall

Ladies Thursday Morning Bible Study— This fall the Thursday morning ladies group will study a 10-week series on the parables of Jesus.  We will meet from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. beginning on Thursday, September 5.  All ladies of the church are invited to attend.  For more information or to request a book, contact Ruth Mohn at  281-486-9768.  Books in the group order needed to be requested by today, August 18.

Connections Bible Study This study is for all ladies’ and includes childcare. They meet on Wednesday mornings at Trinity from 9:30 to 11:30, room Room 106.  If you need childcare or any other information on this study please contact Gail DeGray.

Ladies’ Monday Evening Bible Study— Titia will be leading this Monday evening ladies Bible study this fall from  6:30-8:30 pm. This study 9-week study on 1 Peter by Jen Wilken will start on September 9th. For information contact Titia Cobbs. This study also takes off the 4th Monday of each month to participate in the Women’s Fabulous 4th Fellowship event.

Sunday School Plans for the Fall

Sunday School Schedule for the Next Several Weeks

August 25thDuring the service we will have a small group update. This will be the last week of the summer Sunday school meetings.

September 1st  No Sunday school/Fellowship week

September 8thFall Sunday school will begin this week at 9:30am

***Please make the Sunday school hour a priority in your week to connect with one another and to grow.

Fall Sunday School Classes Start September 8th!—Please join us for Sunday School this Fall at 9:30! We are excited about the addition of some new classes that will provide age appropriate material for more age groups. Please plan to bring the whole family and enjoy age appropriate classes for everyone!

Nursery Class (Ages 0-3) Room 104—Bible Songs and Stories

Pre-K to 1st (4-6 years) Room 103—Answers in Genesis Curriculum (Joanna Rask)

2nd-5th (11-13 years) Upstairs– Answers in Genesis Curriculum (Bruce Livingston)

Creation and Science Apologetics (Ages 12 to Adult) LIFE Room Study reinforces a biblical world view and prepares students for intellectual, spiritual, and moral challenges they will face in high school and college.

High School Room 109—That the World May Know Video Series (Todd Cobbs)

Systematic Theology—Joseph Norris (Adult) Library—Room 310 An introduction to Biblical Theology using material of Wayne Grudem

Adult Study through Books of the Bible—Bob DeGray – Room 111


Volunteers Needed for Reach Global

Reach needs volunteers to help with the rebuilding. You are welcome to help any day or days that your schedule will allow, just let Kat know a day or two in advance so that they can make plans accordingly. They could specifically use volunteers on the week of April 14th as they have a very small team that week.


Five Ridiculously Easy Prayer Habits

triqueta colored rotated smallRidiculously Easy Bible & Prayer Habits

Last week I described Randy Ingermanson’s article Ridiculously Easy, in which he advocates doing the hard work of developing habits by starting at a level that is ridiculously easy. Last week I included five ideas for ridiculously easy Bible habits. This week I’d like to add five ridiculously easy prayer habits.

(1) Physical reminders. For years I watched Rich Boyd pepper his Denney’s eggs to a uniform blackness. Ever since, when I pepper my eggs I’ve prayed for Rich. I have several other physical prayer reminders: cleaning my water mug, a bit of origami, or a song linked to a person or need. I recommend this ridiculously easy habit.

(2) Calendar or App reminders. You use your phone for a lot of things, don’t you? Why not put prayer requests on your daily or weekly calendar, and receive push notifications? I’ve been enjoying a prayer app called “Echo” that does this ridiculously easy thing.

(3) Creation moment. At least once a day slow down long enough to catch a glimpse of the beauty of creation and praise God for it.

(4) Pray when the need is seen. This may be the hardest and most rewarding of these ridiculously easy suggestions. When someone talks to you about a need in their life or asks you to pray for them, pray, briefly, right then, with them, lifting the need up to God.

(5) Pray Scripture back to God. This can be ridiculously easy if you have a daily Bible habit. Take the verse in front of you and echo its praise back to God or pray about its application

(6) Cry out! When something, anything, grips your heart or captures your attention or needs to be done, cry out to God for help. The two most frequent prayers become “Oh Lord, help!” and “O Lord, let this work!” It’s ridiculously easy – but that’s the point, isn’t it?

Five Ridiculously Easy Bible Habits

triqueta colored rotated smallRidiculously Easy Bible & Prayer Habits 

Randy Ingermanson is a Christian fiction writer and writing teacher. This month he wrote an article which I thought had a much wider application than just writing. In fact, I think this idea may be the key to growing closer to God through Scripture and prayer this summer.

The article is Ridiculously Easy, and the purpose is to help writers develop good writing habits. Randy says

“It takes some serious effort to build a habit. . . . Let’s look at an example to see what can go wrong: You decide you’re going to get back in shape. Back when you were younger, you used to run five miles per day. You can do that again, right? Sure you can. . . . On Day 1, you leap out of bed the instant the alarm goes off. You suit up, you warm up, and you get rolling. The first mile is a little slow. The second mile is a little slower. Somewhere in the third mile, something pops in your knee. You limp home, thinking that you’re not 18 anymore. You ice your knee. . . . and dial back your expectations to 2 miles for tomorrow. But when the alarm goes off, every muscle in your body is sore. Your knee still hurts. You wind up in recovery for three weeks . . . Then you either repeat the whole thing, or else you give up.”

What went wrong was that you put two hard things together in the same place. It’s hard to instantly raise your daily mileage by five miles. It’s also hard to form a habit. If you want to form a habit of daily exercise, don’t start out with a hard workout. Start out with one that’s ridiculously easy. Maybe you decide you’re going to walk half a mile every day. You can do that in ten minutes. You can do that every day. You could do way more than that, of course, because it’s ridiculously easy. But don’t. Do a ridiculously easy workout until your habit is firmly in place. . . .  It’s a habit you enjoy because, after all, it’s ridiculously easy. You do it every single day because, really and truly, it’s ridiculously easy. Once that habit’s solidly in place, ramp it up. Not a lot. Ramp it up a little.”*

So, how can you develop a habit (or expand your habit) of time in God’s word and in prayer. Do something ridiculously easy.

Five Ridiculously Easy Bible Habits

(1) Scripture writing pages. You just copy the few verses from your Bible to your notebook. That’s it. If that’s just too ridiculously easy, respond to the verses somehow: praise God for something, apply it to your life, notice something. But keep it ridiculously easy. Here’s the link: Sweet Blessings

(2) Scripture Coloring Books. These are all the rage. People like slowing down to color the verse, while reading and meditating on it. Search Amazon for ‘Adult Scripture Coloring Book.’

(3) Start a really short YouVersion devotional. You do use the free Bible app on your phone or tablet, right? They offer many daily bible reading plans, ranging from three days to a full year, from a few verses to a few chapters. This year I’m doing a ridiculously easy plan called “There’s Hope for Today.” One or two Bible verses, one or two paragraphs of commentary. Done. Ridiculously easy. And for the first time in a long time, I’ve stayed fully caught up.

(4) Watch a really short video devotional. I looked hard for something like this and came up with an iPhone app called “Two Minute Pastor.” Find it at the App Store.

(5) Listen to a little Scripture on YouVersion. You’ve got YouVersion, right? Go to some chapter of Scripture you’re interested in and press the little speaker button at the bottom. You’ll hear a good reading of the text.

(6) Simplest of all in many ways: read a few verses. Put a bookmark in a Bible. Put the Bible by your ‘porcelain throne.’ Put down your phone. Pick up the Bible. Read a few verses. Ridiculously easy.

*This excerpt is reprinted by permission. “Award-winning novelist Randy Ingermanson, “the Snowflake Guy,” publishes the free monthly Advanced Fiction Writing E-zine, with more than 14,000 readers. If you want to learn the craft and marketing of fiction,  and make your writing more valuable to editors, and have fun doing it, visit”