Evening of Prayer and Praise – Date changed to March 19th

Evening of “Prayer and Praise” on Monday, March 19th at 7:30 pm—Our Crisis response team and weekly teams will be joining us at Trinity for an evening of prayer and praise. The agenda for the evening is pretty simple-we will worship Jesus and lay our requests at His feet. Please take advantage of this special time of drawing close to the King of kings and Lord of lords.


New Sunday School Class – March 4th

Looking for a way to connect with others? Well, here is your group. This class will begin meeting on March 4th in the sanctuary. Come ready to fellowship, dive into the Word, connect with others and pray. The hope is to not only meet on Sundays, but to do life with one another. If your desire is to form some deep relationships, this is the place. Hope you can make it! If you have any questions please contact Todd.


Ladies Fabulous Fourth Fellowships

Our second Fab Fourth Fellowship is Monday February 26th from 7:00 to 9:00 pm!  We had a great turnout last month, but we would LOVE for YOU to join us!  This month we will again be playing Bunco (very fun game with NO thinking involved!) ;), this time at the home of Dianne Gilbert (check your directory, the church calendar or call Iva for the address).  Just like last time, please bring $2 for prizes and yourself!  You are also welcome to bring a snack or dessert, but this is optional.
Please RSVP by email or text Iva or Tita if you plan to come so that
we can know how many tables and prizes we need to get!
We are looking forward to seeing everyone!

Who is a Pardoning God Like Ours? – Micah 7:1-20

Message preached on November 26, 2017 by Pastor Bob DeGray. This video is for non-profit educational purposes only. The brief use of images from copyright material is thought to be ‘fair use’ of the material.

Key Sentence:
Evil times may be coming, but the God of steadfast love triumphs.

I.Hard times (Micah 7:1-6)
II. A God who Rescues and Provides (Micah 7:7-17
III. And Pardons Sins (Micah 7:18-20)

Bob’s Community Update 170921

Executive Summary: Community Dinner, Kat Welch at Sunday School, Pizza Lunch

I’ve had the opportunity for almost four weeks to provide updates that have focused mostly on Harvey. That won’t stop now, because by God’s grace we have a long term commitment to helping those impacted by this storm. But we also have a community of faith and a mission from God that has been both reinforced and modified by Harvey. So from time to time I want to do a post that shares some the opportunities we have as a community in a post-Harvey era.

Community Dinner this Thursday. There are many in our community who are familiar with the language of government contracting in which the desired result of the contract is called the deliverable. In our partnership with EFCA Crisis Response I’ve heard several people say that the deliverable of this effort is not rebuilt houses but disciplemaking. The key, I believe, is ‘God-centered relationships,’ with one another in the church, with Crisis Response staff, with teams coming in, and especially with those who invite us into their homes to help.
One way that Crisis Response has fostered these relationships is through the Thursday night dinner, where church people, homeowners and team members can sit down together to get to know each other and to hear what God has been doing. I strongly encourage you to attend these community dinners from time to time, beginning tonight (6:00 p.m. Thursday, September 21st, 2017).

Sunday School this Week. We had hoped to start regular classes this week, but we’re still not quite ready. They will start next week (9:30 a.m., Sunday October 1st, 2017). This week we have asked Kat Welch, the Crisis Response team leader in our area, to share with us. She has some marvelous stories about how God has worked in her own life and in the lives of people served by Crisis Response. She also has some great ideas about how people who can’t do construction can still serve and care for people as part of our response. (9:30 a.m. this Sunday, September 24th, 2017)

Meals Needed

Trinity Fellowship will be hosting teams of volunteers from all over the country who are coming to Houston to be part of the recovery effort in Friendswood and the surrounding areas. We need your help to support the volunteers with good home cooking. For more information for how to sign up please email Sherry Early (sherry.early@gmail.com) or Kim Breaux (kim@gotgrace.net) We need teams to cover Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings each week (next week is covered taking volunteers for the following weeks),  with meals for about 20 people each night. And we will be needing teams or families to cook and deliver meals to the church for many weeks to come. Please let us know right away if you can be part of this effort. (We are serving each night this week for those who were flooded or those who are helping. Those meals are already covered.)

Why Not Use Bleach!!!

Why Not Use Bleach?

Bleach is often utilized as a mold killer in homes, but it’s not the best thing to use after a flood even though it may be easily available. Here are a couple simple reasons why you shouldn’t use bleach to remove mold caused by flooding.

  • Bleach says on the container that it is not meant to be used on porous surfaces. Drywall and wood are porous materials, and grout is porous even though tiles are not. The chlorine component will remain on the surface, while the water part will absorb in and may make the mold worse.


  • Bleach can lose its effectiveness over time. The chlorine part evaporates quickly, and older stock can be less effective than new bleach, even when stored in sealed bottles. Because it’s very hard to quick manufacturing dates on bleach, it’s hard to be sure your bottle is at its most effective.


  • Bleach can have harmful, even dangerous reactions to other household products. If mixed with ammonia and certain other cleaners it can be toxic, and exposing metal to bleach for a long time can damage the metal.


What to Use Instead?

We recommend using an antimicrobial instead of bleach. Two well-known brands that can be trusted are Fiberlock Shockwave and Concrobium Mold Control.

  • Please read all directions and take all precautions when using these cleaners.


  • If you have already used bleach, it’s not too late. However, bleach leaves a carbon layer residue that may stop these cleaners from reaching the roots of the mold. You will need to wipe the area down with warm water and detergent before using the antimicrobial cleaners.


  • Both come as a ready-to-use formula, so you don’t have to add water. If there are stubborn areas of mold, it may take more than one coating for the cleaner to penetrate all the way to the roots.

Evening Meals all Week at Trinity

We will be serving meals here at Trinity (301 Leisure Lane) all week Monday through Saturday from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. If you were flooded or are helping others that have been affected stop by for a nice hot meal and a time to just sit and relax a minute or two.

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