Special Offering for Major Maintenance

The General Board and Elders would like to request your prayerful participation in a special offering on Sunday, June 23rd. The goal is to raise $15,000 toward a new air conditioner and resurfacing of the sanctuary roof to remove the horrible stains.

The 20 year old A/C unit close to the library is dead. Due to the heat we’re already experiencing, we need to address this quickly. We have estimates showing the cost of a complete new unit and related ductwork to be about $9000. We have $4200 in Major Maintenance Reserve, but this will not cover even half the cost. The remainder could be taken from cash reserves, but these are already being drawn down by our general giving shortfall.

The roof has stained badly since it was last cleaned, and we need a more thorough approach. Though we haven’t finalized a vendor, we have a preliminary bid of $4800 for a complete cleaning and recoating. Together these two items total a bit less than $15,000, but we are hoping to raise the full amount in order to replenish our Major Maintenance reserve, avoid tapping our cash reserve, and deal with contingencies as they come up.

Please prayerfully consider how generous the Lord is willing for you to be! We do ask that you not reduce or neglect your general fund giving in order to fund this project, as we need those regular gifts to continue regular ministry.

Thank for your help. We are confident in what the Lord is doing among us.

Bob DeGray, for the Elders and General Board

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